Whize: smarter code smarter you.

If your team works for a mid sized to enterprise company, there's a good chance your team loses hours trying to walk through multiple code bases and open source projects every day. Worse still, there's a better chance there was a misunderstanding that will introduce a bug that will cost you and your team time and your company money.

We make code intelligence and knowledge base search tools that help engineers understand code, write better code and write it faster with less errors, by providing actionable static analysis results, visual debugging, code generation, and one-click code references.

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What do we do?

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Reason through multiple repos.

We support searching through over 27k open source projects from the web or an IDE. On an individual or team plan we also support indexing private or organization repositories.

Our code intelligence features apply to all code local or remote. Extend your IDE of choice with features like:

  • Scope Search - Any scope is now searchable, search through large Classes, Functions, Conditionals and more.
  • Tracing - Select any function and we'll provide an exploded view by all symbols, select a symbol to see a condensed view of the function that only shows what set, modified and is used by or uses that symbol.
  • Hover over any symbol to see documentation from public or private knowledge sources.
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Solve problems faster.

Integrated into VS Code you can apply all our tools as you're working to solve your problems faster from the comfort of your own working environment. Other environments and workflows are on the horizon, such as, VIM, Sublime and IntelliJ.

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The answers you need

Frequently Asked Questions

What languages do you support?

We support Java, Python, C#, C, C++, Go         JavaScript, TypeScript and Ruby

How many private repos can we index?

Our Individual plan supports indexing up to 5 private repositories and our Team plan supports unlimited repositories.

What integrations do you suport?

Currently we support editor/IDE integrations with VS Code and knowledge base integrations with Atlassian Confluence, we plan to support many more but are prioritizing on what we see many of our customers need the most.

Our code base is small, why would we use Whize?

Our code intelligence features can make fixing problems even in small code bases faster or even on individual files. Besides that we also work across many popular open source libraries which even with small code bases or small teams you are likely to work with every day.