This is how Whize can help.

Learn codebases and solve problems faster.

Step 1

Index your content.

If you're an owner or admin, go to your team's account page and click on integrations. Permit Whize to read your private Github repos (Individual and Teams plans) and Confluence pages (if on a Teams plan).

Select what you want.

Now click on manage integration for github and check off what repos you want Whize to be able to reference.

step 2 (Optional)

Install your IDE extension.

Go to the extensions page

From the same extensions page shown above, select the editor you use (VS Code only at this time) and install the extension. Now go to your user settings on Whize and if your plan supports IDE integration you'll see a connection key. Copy that and go to the extension settings in your IDE and enter that in the "api key" setting. If everything is correct you should now be able to use any of the Whize commands and shortcuts without error.

step 3

Start searching.

Now you can start using our features directly on the website on our search page or if you set up your IDE integration you can work directly in your editor. All of our features, how they help you be more productive, and how we extend your working environment are explained below.

Reason through multiple repos.

We support searching through over 27k open source projects from the web or an IDE. On an individual or team plan we also support indexing private or organization repositories.

Our code intelligence features apply to all code local or remote. Extend your IDE of choice with features like:

  • Scope Search - Any scope is now searchable, search through large Classes, Functions, Conditionals and more.
  • Tracing - Select any function and we'll provide an exploded view by all symbols, select a symbol to see a condensed view of the function that only shows what set, modified and is used by or uses that symbol.
  • Hover over any symbol to see documentation from public or private knowledge sources.
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Solve problems faster.

Integrated into VS Code you can apply all our tools as you're working to solve your problems faster from the comfort of your own working environment. Other environments and workflows are on the horizon, such as, VIM, Sublime and IntelliJ.

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